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Overview - A Brief History

1996 An Idea is Born

A large bank almost did not acquire a small bank due to the smaller bank having foreclosed on a former gas station with soil and groundwater contamination. BSC founder Eric Longenecker was part of a group that acquired the site to allow the deal to go through. The banks were happy and the investors made a 100% return on investment. 

2010 Los Angeles Unified School District

Assisted with all aspects of environmental due diligence and remedial action from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments through Remedial Action Completion Reports for the Los Angeles Unified School District's historic $19B new school construction program. Duties included bidding, awarding and managing professional services contracts that averaged $1.5M per year on over $10M per year in remedial action costs.

1998 Oil Field to Homes

When a Top 20 Builder was completing their due diligence prior to acquiring an oil producing field to create a community of 150 homes, they used BSC founder Eric Longenecker to create the workplan and implement the remedial strategy.

2015 Montebello

When is inheriting property a problem? When that property may have petroleum impacts and the existing trust has the land, but no liquid assets. BSC stepped in and lent the money to hold on to the property long enough to recognize the inheritance in cash.

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